The term ephemeralization was initially introduced by Richard Buckminster Fuller in the mid 20th century. It represents the ability of mankind and its technological advancement to achieve “ more and more with less and less until eventually you can do everything with nothing”. The accelerating increase in the efficiency of achieving the same or more output.


Ephemera is an architecture company of the 21 st century. We design structures which correspond and answer to the changing conditions of our lives. We believe that the opportunities and conditions provided by the digital revolution allow us to rethink the way in which we can approach architecture. We are a company set to change the way we perceive and manipulate space in the 21st century.

About us

Andrey Hodkevich

architect, co-founder

Andrey is an architect, researcher and Co-Founder of project Ephemera. In his years of investigation of the interaction between technology and architecture he has brought up ideas and concepts with global recognition and awards which stand behind Ephemera.

Ever since his graduation form the Polytechnic University of  Milano, he has been searching for new possibilities and dimensions of architecture in the digital era.  He is a laureate in Europe's most prestigious architecture competition for architects under 40- Europan. In addition for the past 7 years he has been in active collaboration with one of the leading eastern European architectural offices - Aedes Studio. Andrey was part of the team behind the  successful application of Leeuwarden for European Capital of Culture in 2018.

As an architect he believes that the interaction between Information Technology and architecture can give new possibilities in the way we design and perceive space. With project Ephemera he intends to fulfill this vision.

Alexander Krasnocharov


manager, co-founder

Alex is a Co-Founder of Ephemera, bringing more than ten years of professional experience in the Energy and IT sectors, in Public Relations and Project Management respectfully. During his years in PR he has been a part of two of the most successful IPOs on the Bulgarian market. Six years ago Alex utilized his Technical education background and contributed many hours of Project Management training to become a PM in one of the biggest IT companies. During this last six years he has been successfully delivering projects for the biggest names in their respective industries on a global scale, ranging from business/process oriented to highly technical. Alex has experience with a wide variety of technologies and the business processes within large enterprises. He applies a keen understanding of industry trends and regulatory/compliancy standards, leveraging his experience in management and IT.

Hristo Arakliev

Chief Marketing Officer

Hristo is the Chief Marketing Officer of Ephemera. He is an analytical individual who has the ability to motivate others in a team, as well as to operate efficiently on his own when needed. Hristo has more than 8 years of experience in the Sales and Marketing sectors, working for multiple companies in the US and Bulgaria as well as a few start-ups. During the last few years he has focused on developing an understanding of the different mentality that people in Bulgaria, the US, Asia, Africa and the EU possess thus he has developed a set of skills to help him create customized Marketing as well as Sales strategies for the needs of any project he undertakes. Hristo’s past projects and interest in the high-tech sector during the last few years, including Augmented reality as well as Virtual reality experiences, have brought him together with Andrey and Alex as they share the same vision to how the world of architecture is supposed to look like in the 21-st century. By bringing his wide range of expertise and notable worldwide network of specialists he has built in the past, he is determined to reach new heights in novelty with project Ephemera,