School Without Borders

Berlin, Germany

Location: Berlin, Germany
Status: Concept
Awards: Archasm- School Without Classrooms- Honorable Mention

We’ve always perceived the school as a limiting place, where the walls become “oppressing” for the imagination and the ideas of the students. The real satisfaction of knowledge is often replaced with a painful competition for a doubtful success. Thus the school today, for us is a synonym of restriction, endless rules and no creativity.

With the aim to break this common understanding of the school, we present the idea of a hybrid school, which will turn into a symbol of the beliefs of modern kids and their most courageous dreams. This is why we are combining two separate approaches for the creation of a single building – cutting edge technologies alongside great natural surroundings (which in most of the cases are missing nowadays near schools). We put together technologies which are highly possible in the world we live in today and teach the children on a sustainable and environmentally friendly attitude.

Using all natural materials – as clay and compressed soil for the walls in the interior, we have have the ambition to educate children on sustainable living. That is why we are using a system of gardening and a farm for animals. The school doesn’t have autonomous classrooms that divide private and public space. The limits of space are a system of a main street and niches, that would serve as places for learning. The are no more age groups but rather groups of interest. We are using virtual and augmented reality for the walls, so the spaces grow and decrease depending of the number of kids in class as an adaptive algorithm.


_Functional Schemes

_Level -1 - Sheltered Classrooms

_Ground Floor - Open Park