The Museum of Knowledge

Chandigarh, India

Location: Chandigarh, India
Status: Concept
Awards: The Museum of Knowledge 2015 - Finalist

Knowledge as space- the physical skeleton

The Museum of Knowledge is a paradoxical notion which unites two concepts,undergoing a drastic transformation in their perception in the 21st century. The museum as a central figure in the urban hierarchy is now losing its position in comparison to the rapid digitalization of the information revolution. Knowledge on the other hand is losing its aura, its understanding and thus instead of a build up structure it has become a product an object with no roots. If the museum needs rethinking, knowledge has a solid background which can be demonstrated. For this reason I propose an “Empty Museum”- a building with no objects, just pure space and the possibility through space to express the idea and values of knowledge.

Knowledge is not an object, it is not a fixed notion. It is the relative state of a certain notion in time .Within the contemporary society, knowledge is often conceived just as a fixed result, as an observed and not experience object. Instead MoK demonstrates knowledge as a process, as a path, as a state of transition of the human mind. As developed in Epistemology, the contemporary definition of knowledge is considered a statement which answers to the conditions of being a justified true belief.The conditons under which you arive to this state is what challenges and confronts the process of knowledge acquiring. Regardless to the approach it can be considered that you can clarify 7 stages of understanding

Knowledge as data- the digital body